The Maelzel Metronome Production Timeline

  We are pleased to have in our possession a totally original ( including the original upper & lower pendulum weight's ) and fully working example of a 12 inch French manufactured metronome, identical to the alleged metronome gifted to Beethoven in 1815 by Johann Maelzel, the inventor of the mechanical metronome. We also have a slightly later 9 inch version of the 1818 London manufactured metronome he received after his initial metronome had 'broken' or was dropped. Following years of research and our handling of numerous early Victorian metronomes, we have put together a fairly comprehensive study of these very early 19th Century metronomes and their manufacturers, to include galleries and operational video's and our own personal opinions as to the production time line, accuracy, reliability and associated issues that may have been encountered, not only by Beethoven but other composers of the era. Due to the work involved and the fact that we have had much of our information copied without prior agreement or any form of communication, a small PAYPAL charge of £2.50 is being asked for access. If you are not automatically redirected post payment, we will supply the password by email on confirmation of payment and your associated email address. This page will be updated regularly as our research dictates and new metronome's added to our collection become available for study.
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The Beethoven Metronome


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